The MedicalOrder object

The MedicalOrder object.

idUUIDA unique identifier.
titlestringThe title of the medical order that will be displayed in the Console.
icd10_codesstring[]The list of ICD-10 codes for the order.
cpt_codesstring[]The list of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for the order.
descriptionstring?The description of the order.
medical_centerstring?The medical center to which the order is destined.
priority"URGENT" | "HIGH" | "MEDIUM" | "LOW"?The priority of the medical order.
completed_atDateTime?Date and time, in ISO 8601 format, when the order was completed.
patient_idUUIDThe unique identifier of the provider concerned by the order.
ordering_provider_idUUIDThe unique identifier of the provider asking for the order.
appointment_idUUID?The unique identifier of the appointment following which the order was created.


  "id": "98FCE1EF-DBCA-41EF-8BC7-4D1621AC07C6",
  "title": "Blood test",
  "icd10_codes": [
  "cpt_codes": [
  "description": "Need measurements of TSH and T4 levels",
  "medical_center": "London Medical Laboratory King's Cross",
  "priority": "URGENT",
  "completed_at": "2022-03-10T19:16:23.456Z",
  "patient_id": "98FCE1EF-DBCA-41EF-8BC7-4D1621AC07C6",
  "ordering_provider_id": "98FCE1EF-DBCA-41EF-8BC7-4D1621AC07C6",
  "appointment_id": "98FCE1EF-DBCA-41EF-8BC7-4D1621AC07C6"