Appointment price


By default, scheduling appointments on the Nabla platform does not require payment from your patients. You can still charge patients outside the Nabla platform.

Enabling payments

If you want to add a payment step for patients booking an appointment through the Nabla SDK (on your Android and iOS apps for instance) you will need to:

  • Configure a webhook in the Scheduling settings page of the Console. This webhook will be used by Nabla to query your platform for the price of each appointment.
  • Provide a payment step to each Nabla Scheduling SDK. This is where you will implement the payment solution of your choice. Check out the SDKs documentation: Payments on Android, Payments on iOS.
  • Make sure your payments solution is integrated with your server that will be responsable for marking the appointment as paid by calling the REST API.

The full flow can be described using the following diagram: Image
Note that you can get the appointment to be paid using the REST API during step 6.

Check out the appointment price API reference for the webhook format. It is signed exactly as standard webhooks.


Unlike webhooks, there is no retry mechanism.


During step 6, we may ask for multiple appointments at the same time. Be sure to answer with the same shape (as many prices with corresponding index).