Video consultation


Once practitioners have filled their working slots on their calendar, these slots can be proposed to the patients to do remote consultations.

To let a patient schedule an appointment for a web-based video call with a doctor:

  • Go to the Patients tab of the Console
  • Click on the ... icon at the end of the patient's row
  • Click on "Generate a video call scheduling link"
  • Select one or several doctors, and set a call duration
  • Send the generated link to your patient

Following this link, the patient will access a web page letting them schedule an appointment with the selected doctors.

The doctor will be notified by email when a patient schedules an appointment with them. The scheduled appointment will also be displayed in the doctor’s calendar.

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Doing the remote consultation

10 mins before the appointment, a banner notification appears so the doctor can start the consultation.


Clicking on start triggers the call:


Once the consultation is over:

  • A pop-up appears to ask the doctor to confirm that the appointment took place. Confirming triggers the payment on the patient’s side.
  • The doctor is proposed to send a treatment form which is automatically pre-filled with all the consultation details.