Nabla Android Scheduling module set up


Before integrating the Scheduling module, make sure you followed the SDK installation guide.

Scheduling is dependent on the Video calls module, so that patients and providers can video call on appointments, which is why we'll also be adding this module in the steps below.

The scheduling module allows your Patients to see and manage their appointments with Providers.

Adding the dependencies

Add the dependencies in your app's build.gradle:

implementation 'com.nabla.nabla-android:scheduling:1.1.3'
implementation 'com.nabla.nabla-android:video-call:1.1.3'

Setup Scheduling module

Then, you need to initialize NablaSchedulingModule and NablaVideoCallModule when calling NablaClient.initialize:

class MyApp : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {

            modules = listOf(

Make your organization ready

Before using the SDK to schedule appointments, make sure:

  • You specify consultation categories in your organization settings. Each category has a name, duration and associated Providers.
  • At least one of the specified Providers has availability. Each Provider can specify their —single or recurrent— availabilities on the calendar tab.