Modules the Nabla SDK offers and how they interact with each other

We have a modularized approach that allows you to pick and use only the features you need, to provide the right experience for your patients.


The messaging module makes it easy to build a modern messaging experience and to allow to interact with your care team via text, image, video, document and audio messages.

UI components and core SDK

Depending on what you want to build, we provide 2 different layers:

  • The UI components module: ready-to-use UI components to build a messaging experience that you can customize with theme attributes.
  • Core module: the low level APIs that you can use to get the raw data of the conversations and build your own custom UI on top of it.

So you can use our UI components to integrate super quickly the messaging feature into your app or just use our APIs to build your own taylor made messaging experience.

Video calls

The video call module, when integrated, adds the capability for the messaging module to handle video call requests: your Patients will see video call requests from Providers and will be able to join the call on their mobile device.

If you don't integrate the video call module, your Providers won't be able to send video call requests in conversations.


The scheduling module allows your Patients to see and manage their appointments with Providers. Providers can manage their calendar on the Console to add availabilities and Patients can schedule appointments when there are available slots.

Video calls

You need to integrate the video call module to allow your Patients to join the video call on a given appointment.