Medical information


The patient's medical information is gathered inside a timeline view. Practitioners can see the patient’s medical history, medical notes, past conversations with medical staff, known conditions, medications, measures…

They can search any information or filter by type of information for quicker access.


Add new medical info

Practitioners can use the “Add to medical record” button to manually add medical information about a patient. It will show a form to add any type of medical info.

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You can create a medical note, make a prescription, add an allergy, a medication, a known condition, a vaccine, a document…

Create prescription

In order to be able to write prescriptions, doctors need to update their administrative information in their account.

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Doctors can then make a prescription. The prescription will be sent in the chat to the patient, and will appear in the patient’s timeline. Doctors can also use and save prescription templates.


As a doctor, you can preview your prescription before sending it to the patient:


Display your patient data

You can use Integrations and extensions to display your own patient information.