Core concepts

Core concepts to understand before interacting with Nabla SDK

The Nabla Javascript/Typescript SDK makes it quick and easy to build healthcare communication experiences in your web app using our APIs.


Before implementing the SDK, there are core concepts to understand that will make the rest of our documentation way easier to understand.


Patient and Providers


We define the Patient as the user of your app, that will interact with the elements of our SDK you integrated.


A Provider, on the other side, is a member of your team interacting with our services. It can be:

  • An Administrator: Someone managing the Nabla account and administrative tasks.
  • A Practitioner: Someone delivering care to patients.
  • A Reviewer: Someone that can access anonymised communications between a Patient and Providers to monitor the quality and efficiency of care.

You can get a detailed view of what each Provider can do here: Providers roles and permissions



A conversation is a place where a Patient and at least one Provider can discuss via text, image, video, document and audio messages.